Saturday, June 1, 2013

Finding The Right Job

I recently finished reading Winning by Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of GE. He was known for being one of the most successful CEOs for GE and in the business world during his time. In his book, he certainly had a lot of experiences to share about his work and values. What impacted me the most was his insight about finding the right job. Being a new graduate myself, finding the right job that fits my career goals, interests and values has always been my top priority and ambition in life. I believe that pursuing what you're passionate about in life will eventually lead to the perfect job that fits you. But it will take determination, perseverance, patience, hard work, and a bit of luck too. Sadly, due to the need for security, social pressure, lack of opportunities, or just mediocrity, people end up in jobs they don't like just to pay the bills. I'm not saying they're not hardworking, on the contrary, I'm sure they are, but the point I'm making is that people settle for something safe rather than taking the risk of doing something they would actually love.

I believe that life is about the journey of trying different things to realize what you want and don't want in life. This includes your job or profession as this will comprise a huge part of your life. Based on Winning, I've compiled a chart that I've used as a guide for finding the right job in my career. I believe that Jack Welch's principles can apply to everyone from new graduates to experienced professionals.

Finding the right job
Take it as a good sign if…
Be concerned if…
You like the people a lot. You can relate to them and genuinely enjoy their company. In fact, they even think and act like you do.
You feel like you need to put on a persona at work. After a visit to the company, you find yourself saying things like “I don’t need to be friends with the people I work with.”
The job gives you an opportunity to grow as a person and a professional, and you get the feeling you will learn things there that you didn’t even know you needed to learn.
You’re being hired as an expert, and upon arrival, you will most likely be the smartest person in the room.  
The job gives you a credential you can take with you and is in a business and industry with a future.
The industry has peaked or has awful economics, and the company itself, for any number of reasons, will do little to expand your career options.
You are taking the job for yourself, of you know whom you are taking it for, and feel at peace with the bargain.
You are taking the job for any number of constituents, such as the spouse who wants you to travel less or the sixth grade teacher who said you would never amount to anything.
Work Context
The “stuff” of the job turns your crank – you love the work, it feels fun and meaningful to you, and even touches something primal in your soul.
The job feels like a job. In taking it, you say things like, “This is just until something better comes along,” or “You can’t beat the money.”
Source: Winning by Jack Welch

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Having a blast playing Guns of Icarus Online!

I've recently been having a blast playing Guns of Icarus Online after coming across some YouTube gameplay videos last week. It's a team-based airship battle game where you work together in a crew of four and take down your opponents airships. You can play one of three roles: Pilot, Engineer or Gunner. In my opinion, the Pilot plays the most important role as it requires leadership, effective communication, tactical skills and most importantly, piloting skills. The challenge will be flying and maneuvering through maps full of rocky canyons, sandstorms, clouds, wreckages and of course the barrage of missiles, cannon fire and even flames from your opponents. The second role is the Engineer, and this role is in charge of repairing damage to the ships hull armor, balloon, engines, guns and cannons. It requires one to have exceptional sense of the ship's overall health, agility and quick-response with repairing, and the ability to prioritize which components to repair during battle. The third role is the Gunner and is pretty straightforward as you will be firing the flak cannons, gattling guns, Hwacha missles, flamethrower, mortar and a range of other weapons. This role requires accuracy, patience, and the ability to utilize the appropriate ammo type when attacking your opponent to ensure the most damage and/or harrass to ultimately take them down.

There are six different airships in the game varying in size, armor, speed, weapon loadout, and maneuverability. Smaller ships like the Goldfish have less armor and weapons but fly and maneuver faster compared to larger ships like the Galleon which is very slow but has the highest armor and largest weapons. Each ship has its own pros and cons, and it basically boils down to your preference, team strategy and weapon loadout selection.

If it wasn't for the sale on Steam, I wouldn't have come across this game. Sale of $9.99 ends May 22! It's totally worth! See you aboard!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Will Facebook be your new 'Home'?

Facebook has launched a new and intuitive interface called Home for Android phones. It integrates your Facebook experience as a seamless application in your Android phone. What this means for us? This launcher connects you instantly to the activities of your friends and social network without having to switch applications. It allows you to see your friend's new pictures or chat messages right away on your phone the moment it is posted. However, if you choose to download and use the Facebook Home launcher, this will disable all your Android notifications such as email, SMS/MMS, Google Play, events, and other app notifications. But if like being instantly connected, the perhaps you should give Facebook Home a try. Unfortunately, this is unavailable for iPhone users like myself, but I would probably give it a try in the future just for fun. Will you?

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