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About Me [One-Minute Intro]

I recently took some personality tests to find out more about myself and how this makes me in the workplace. Here is a summary:
What is your Jungian Style?  ISTJ
What does Keirsey call it? Inspector
What are your top 2 Enneagrams? Type 3 (The Achiever) and Type 5 (The Investigator)

Three personality characteristics that make me effective in the workplace
1: Excel at following rules and standards
         Kiersey: “[Inspectors] see to it that rules are followed, laws respected, and standards are upheld.”
          Enneagram: “… are alert, insightful and curious”; “high-strung and intense.”
2: Very responsible, hard-working and excellent work ethic
          Kiersey: “superdependable”; “Inspectors see to it that goods are examined, schedules are kept, that resources will be up to standards and delivered when and where they are supposed to be.”
          Enneagram: “…adaptable, success-oriented”; “ ambitious, competent, and energetic”; “…status conscious and highly driven for advancement.”
3: Down-to-earth, charming and orderly
          Kiersey: “…words tend to be plain and down-to-earth, not showy”; “clothes are often simple and conservative”; “home and work environments usually neat, orderly and traditional.”
          Enneagram: “…self-assured, attractive and charming; independent, innovative and inventive.

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