Teamwork Plan

When I work with others or in a team, I establish a clear objective and expectations to achieve our goals. This includes our mission, vision, behaviors and schedule of work activities. Here is an example of my plan for my group assignment.

Mission: To submit a well-organized, high quality video assignment on time 
Vision: To achieve the highest mark in the class
· Immediate communication with group members through email and phone
· Meet deadlines on time
· Attend meetings promptly
· Put in an equal effort amongst each group member
· Demonstrate enthusiasm and determination to complete all tasks needed

Schedule of steps to complete video:
January 25: Complete all Week 3 lessons
January 28 – February 1: Review Steps 1-3 and complete all exercises
February 4-8: Review Steps 4-5 and complete all exercises
February 11-15: Review Steps 6 and complete all exercises
February 18-22: Review Steps 7-10 and complete all exercises
February 19: Review requirements for Ten Step video and create outline
February 21: Meeting to decide shooting and editing date(s) of Ten Steps Video
February 25-March 1 (Reading week): Shoot and edit Ten Steps Video
March 3: Upload to YouTube Ten Steps videos
March 12: Ten Steps Video due

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