Sunday, May 19, 2013

Having a blast playing Guns of Icarus Online!

I've recently been having a blast playing Guns of Icarus Online after coming across some YouTube gameplay videos last week. It's a team-based airship battle game where you work together in a crew of four and take down your opponents airships. You can play one of three roles: Pilot, Engineer or Gunner. In my opinion, the Pilot plays the most important role as it requires leadership, effective communication, tactical skills and most importantly, piloting skills. The challenge will be flying and maneuvering through maps full of rocky canyons, sandstorms, clouds, wreckages and of course the barrage of missiles, cannon fire and even flames from your opponents. The second role is the Engineer, and this role is in charge of repairing damage to the ships hull armor, balloon, engines, guns and cannons. It requires one to have exceptional sense of the ship's overall health, agility and quick-response with repairing, and the ability to prioritize which components to repair during battle. The third role is the Gunner and is pretty straightforward as you will be firing the flak cannons, gattling guns, Hwacha missles, flamethrower, mortar and a range of other weapons. This role requires accuracy, patience, and the ability to utilize the appropriate ammo type when attacking your opponent to ensure the most damage and/or harrass to ultimately take them down.

There are six different airships in the game varying in size, armor, speed, weapon loadout, and maneuverability. Smaller ships like the Goldfish have less armor and weapons but fly and maneuver faster compared to larger ships like the Galleon which is very slow but has the highest armor and largest weapons. Each ship has its own pros and cons, and it basically boils down to your preference, team strategy and weapon loadout selection.

If it wasn't for the sale on Steam, I wouldn't have come across this game. Sale of $9.99 ends May 22! It's totally worth! See you aboard!