Sunday, January 9, 2011

Using Twitter to find a job

There are tons of job postings posted on Twitter daily. If you haven't tried using Twitter's search function and hashtag searches, then give it a try this new year! For example, using the hashtags #toronto #jobs to do a basic search in the Toronto area, here's just a few jobs that I've found today:

Best Buy is hiring a Mobile Specialist
Loblaw's is hiring Part-time Store Associates
Accenture is a hiring full time CRM Manager

If you're looking for more specific jobs, then try using more specific search words such as: insurance, marketing, bartending, web developer, etc. Here's a video from Mashable that explains more in detail. There's so many ways you can use Twitter and search for information! So give it a try if you haven't yet! Would you like me to help you search for a job on Twitter? Send me a tweet to @jreandino! Follow me on Twitter too!

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  1. Twitter is very popular now and there are a lot of job searching websites who have twitter accounts and they update daily. This is a big help for job hunters because through twitter, they can just check through their mobile phones and will be updated of the new jobs to be posted.