Saturday, February 27, 2010

Are you an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers. We find or even make creative solutions to life’s never ending challenges. Book Hook, a book exchange club, was my solution to help students solve their challenges of buying and selling textbooks efficiently. Here's how I applied the 3 P's of Branding:

1) Promise –“Save Money. Study Better.” was the slogan I wanted Book Hook to stand for. Because textbooks were so expensive, I believed that students should save money by buying and selling used textbooks between each other rather than from the bookstore. This way they could worry less about money and focus more on their studies.

2) Personality - If Book Hook was a person, I wanted students to know that she was trustworthy, reliable, and caring. She was someone who would listen to and understand their needs. She would then do her best to help solve those needs with integrity and respect. Most importantly, she would be personal because students hate superficiality.

3) Positioning - Book Hook had to be unique from all the other clubs and book exchange websites/services available. First, in order to recruit highly motivated, creative, and committed members, club membership had to be exclusive. Second, club activities and events had to adjust around students' academic life and class schedules. Last but most importantly, by providing an efficient book exchange service that used a real-time database and user-friendly website.

Discovering your branding strategy doesn't happen immediately. It is an ongoing process that takes months of thought, research, and personal development. However, I believe that with passion and a big vision to make a change, entrepreneurs can and will overcome any challenges we encounter. Are you an entrepreneur?

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