Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Networking for your future

There's a saying: "In life, it's not what you know...it's who you know that counts." That being said, I believe that in order to reach your goals in life, networking is one of the most important tools you can use to plan your future. As part of Social Media Week - Toronto, today I had the amazing opportunity of attending CaseCamp, a casual business talk "unconference" and networking event, to listen and learn from top business executives and leaders about their industry and social media. The were several speakers, buy my five favorite were:

- Peter Aceto, President of ING Bank Canada
- Noel Biderman, President of Ashley Madison
- Bryan Segal, VP of comScore
- Idan Cohen, Founder of Boxee.tv
- Alyson Walker, Senior Manager of CTV Olympics

Being a social media addict and entrepreneur, I absolutely loved each of their talks because of my constant craving for the latest social media trends and business industry news that I can add to my personal knowledge and experience. The key difference between these speakers and school was that everything they shared were all real and practical. In contrast, school is just too theoretical, conceptual and boooring. Now you know why I always had trouble paying attention in class.

So during the event, I also took the time to network with people. I exchanged business cards and information with two people (I prefer not to mention their names without their permission). The first was a nice gentleman who was the Community Manager at Techvibes.com and the second was a very friendly lady who was a social media marketing consultant and entrepreneur for Space Race, a digital strategy consultancy. It was really great to learn from their experiences and share ideas. After the event, I was able to introduce myself to Eli Singer, the Founder of Entrinsic.com, the social media communications agency that created CaseCamp. Networking is cool eh?

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