Sunday, April 11, 2010

I need help finding a job

It's been nearly two years since I started studying at York University for my Human Resources degree. Now I am happy to say that I will be graduating this June (hopefully) *fingers crossed*. Then the next step is to find a job related to:
  1. Marketing Coordinator/Associate or
  2. Human Resources Coordinator/Recruiter or
  3. Retail Store Manager/Assistant Manager or
  4. Store Supervisor
Since I'm an international student, it's extremely important that I find one of these specific jobs because I need it to qualify for my permanent residence application with Canadian Immigration. I haven't had much success using Workopolis and Monster, and that's why I'm writing this blog post to share with you my situation and to ask for your help. I believe that we are all connected. By using other people's (ie. family, friends, acquaintances) social and business networks to pass the word that I am actively looking for a job or to share my resume, I just might be able to find the exact job I'm looking for. My goal is to start working full-time in Toronto by June, so if you by any chance come across any related jobs or have suggestions for me, please Facebook message me, tweet me (@jreandino) or email me at I would appreciate that so much. At the same time, if you are also looking for a job or need someone to fill a vacancy, please feel free to ask me. I may know a friend, who knows a friend that has a friend that might have what you're looking for. So I want to end by asking: What are some useful tips in finding a job? Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey J, check out craigslist too for job postings. Just saw on linkedin that you did Cutco, so did I! Your results were fantastic. I only lasted a few months and did not perform anywhere near what you did.

  2. Have you tried contacting an agency?...if not, try Robert Half international...they're free too.

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