Sunday, April 4, 2010

iPad Madness

There's been so much buzz going around the iPad since it came out just yesterday. Now as more video reviews start being uploaded on YouTube, it makes me even more excited! I really like how the iPad will be a fun and convenient way to surf the net, browse through pictures, watch videos, read e-books, play games, and lots more with the thousands of apps available on the iTunes Store. Although I am aware that there is no multi-task or Flash (for now...), I guess that's why the iPad is referred to as a hybrid between a laptop and cell phone (iPhone). Of course, knowing Apple, they will eventually add additional hardware and software upgrades to the next generation of iPads.

Nevertheless, I still have two big questions in my mind. The first question is when exactly will the iPad be available in Canada?! Rumor has it that April 24th will be the launch day! The second question is how (or which) of the Canadian telecom companies will respond to supporting the iPad 3G model? In the US, Apple partnered with AT&T to provide unlimited data for USD$30 a month. Over here, will Apple partner up with Bell?... Or perhaps Telus? Will the pricing for unlimited data be the same too?  I guess we just have be patient and see what happens! Would you consider buying an iPad?

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    This video makes a compelling argument that the ipad is just an overgrown iphone, much like a Swiss army knife is only good in pocket form.