Saturday, December 12, 2009

12 Things About Me

So who am I?

1) I am passionate about creating ideas and transforming them into ways to help people change the small aspects of their lives.
2) I love learning about the latest trends on the internet, social media marketing, and new technologies that I believe will change the way we think, live and communicate.
3) I love watching movies about love, courage, sacrifice while sitting on a comfortable couch and a bowl of popcorn on my lap. For 2009, my favorite movies would have to be Slumdog Millionaire, Star Trek, and Up.
4) My favorite tv series is none other than Dexter. I absolutely love that show! The writers are unbelievable, the production set, cinematography and music are immaculate, and the cast are just fantastic.
5) It was only recently that I started writing and blogging, and I must say that I'm enjoying it. It feels so freeing to express my thoughts and feelings.
6) I also enjoy listening to trance and techno music, but progressive trance is my favorite. I love listening to Armin Van Buuren's radio show of A State of Trance. I believe he is definitely the best DJ in the world!
7) I also enjoy computer gaming and my favorite genre would have to be First-person shooters or FPS games. This year, Modern Warfare 2 is on my top wish list. Aside from FPS, I also play Real-time strategy (RTS) and some MMORPG games. Looking forward to Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3!
8) For sports, I enjoy tennis, badminton, table tennis and even bowling.
9) I love eating new and delicious foods from all over the world. My favorite is none other than sushi.
10) I am a perfectionist. This is my greatest strength and yet my greatest weakness. I like to plan ahead and do things in order. This gets the job done but the problem is I can get carried away by spending too much time on something just to get it right.
11) I am a daydreamer. I spend most of my time thinking about ideas, people, visualizing situations and possibilities about what's happening in the world around me.
12) I know I'm attracted to a girl when... I look into her eyes, she makes me smile and I feel very nervous inside.

How well do I know myself?

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  1. I am a perfectionist too. I think we share something that we always do everything at our best and with our passion, that is the strength I found when being a perfectionist. For the weakness of this, I think it happens often that I do not completely trust others doing their own parts and end up checking every single thing checking thing on my own>>> and that's more time consuming......

    I like your 11 and 12. :)

    Probably I should redefine myself sometimes like this