Saturday, January 16, 2010

Book fair learning experience

Yesterday we had a book fair for the club. It was a tiring but good learning experience. I really was thankful that Chris and Steve came to help because I thought it would just be Jerry and myself. I came to the realization that those who I expected to show up, didn't... and those who I didn't, did... At that moment I remembered the truth behind ACN's training about how "Those you think can, can't and vice versa. Those you think will, won't and vice versa."

As for the book fair, I was really impressed how we set up four "stations" - 1) sign up station 2) book wrap station 3) logo station and 4) books recommended station. Obviously, the first station was to have students sign their name and email and to introduce or assist them with our website and Facebook group. The second station was to wrap the any books with our plastic and sticker. The third station was a market survey for students to choose their favorite logo. Lastly, the fourth station was to display and view any other non-academic, informative books and some textbooks for sale.

For the next book fair, we really need to plan better. First, we have to do it during the first week of classes on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Friday's are no good since most students don't have class or work. I would really like to see an actual fair with actual stacks of books. I'm not really sure how that will happen, but I think that's what students were looking for. Second, I have to promote the fair a week in advance on Facebook wall, mass message, blog, and word-of-mouth. Third, I should reserve the Student Centre Room 307 since it's bigger and more spacious.
I wonder what else do I need to consider...

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