Friday, January 8, 2010


Although today was the last day of the Opening Week, it felt fantastic! We were able to collect over 100 names and emails. At the same time, I was very proud of Steve for being very helpful and learning to become more social and open to other people. Overall, I have a better idea of how to make the system work. One way of maximizing time and energy was just to simply sit down and wait for people to come up to the table. This technique I learned from Anas. At first, I thought that students would be less responsive, but surprisingly, they were just as much, if not even more attentive than when I was standing and talking to them as I did before. This was a very cool learning experience. I gotta keep it simple, stupid! Now, I'm looking forward to our online meeting this Sunday night as well as setting up BEMPs for next week. I wonder how we can coordinate it in such a way to maximize everyone's time and effort while actually being able to help students meet up? To be continued...

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