Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Another good yet tiring day promoting... I'm quite frustrated today though... I've sent the emails from the list we gathered, but one of the biggest problems is that more than 20 of them always bounce back! This is probably due to incorrect spelling or poor handwriting. Ugh... How can we overcome this problem?

One solution I thought of was to use the the Zoho form instead of the physical sign-up form. This way I will be sure the get their emails down correctly. However, problem with this is that students type slow and it can be a hassle with switching tabs in the browser. This is the most cost effective method I can think of so far.

Another solution would be to create another sign-up form with little boxes to write down a letter. This way we can see each letter of a person's name and email more legibly. Problem with this is that its time consuming to make this template and we need it tomorrow! Printing is easy but I want to save paper as much as possible. Sorry trees...

Aha! Why don't I just tell them to write clearly! Like duh! How could I be so stupid! I guess I just needed to clear my head for a while. But again this is just a temporary solution. I need to think of something that's better. But what?

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