Monday, January 25, 2010

Internet is a treasure hunt

Ever since my last blog post, I've been spending a lot of time on the internet just constantly reading countless of articles and blogs about social media, online marketing, entrepreneurship, and blogging. If I found an interesting blog or site, I would follow the blogger on Twitter, subscribe to their site's RSS feed using Google Reader, and even bookmark their blog/site to revisit again later. It has been such a fun and amazing journey for me so far and I'm enjoying every moment of it. I feel like a treasure hunter scouring across the wilderness of information, searching and discovering valuable treasures to collect and share with others. Sounds cheesy I know! But that's how I feel when I dive into the information wilderness we call the Internet.

I have two main sources of information. The first is Alltop. It's like "an online magazine rack" that collects and compiles many of the best stories, blogs, and websites about any of your interested topics such as fashion, sports, blogging, marketing, and much more. Thank you Guy Kawasaki for making Alltop! Your site has changed my life by opening my mind to the vast information I've been missing out on all this time! FYI, as I'm writing this, he has over 209,500 followers on Twitter!

Now my second source of information is Twitter via TweetDeck. It's a Twitter client program that allows you to easily use, manage, and monitor your Twitter account without having to go to your Twitter website. I absolutely love it because I can easily track the Tweets of the people I'm following, track hashtags and keywords of topics I like, reply to Tweets, make Retweets, and follow new people all in one place! Plus, I can also track and update my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts through here too! Talk about multi-tasking! What's cool is that you receive instant updates that pop up on your screen every time someone posts a new Tweet or even Facebook status/news update. It's fantastic! TweetDeck gives me the ability to receive and find the latest topics about whatever I'm interested in! It's so much better than the reading or watching the traditional news!

Well, I'm very excited about blogging this week! I have a list of over 20 topics that I found interesting and inspiring to write about. Yey!


  1. It's great that you have this blog to keep moments and thinkings along your life.....

    I would definitely try the same thing.

    Why dont we have some coffee chat......

    I participated the HR Case this year and it's about recruitment and social media marketing.

    I know you a big freak about social media marketing.

    Give me a call when you're free.

    Tri Ngo

  2. Seriously I really like your personalities and how you have exposed yourself to different things and how you are passionate about things you do.

    For the past 4 years at school, I have been like that as well, and it's feeling great to find somebody thinking and doing like me...

    Can't wait to work or do a project with you in the future