Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Now that classes have finally caught up with me... I always wished that I was somewhere else more exciting. I'm sure my professors are great and nice people but I get boored so easily. I can barely pay attention for 15 minutes! In contrast, I can spend hours and hours surfing the internet, reading through the latest tech news, blog articles, and anything else that catches my attention. The only class that satisfies my curiosity this semester so far is Intro to Sociology... while the other upper year HR classes are just too boring. Too much research related mumbo jumbo. Too much theories. Too lame if you ask me. I guess I just have to do my best to get a decent grade on them.

In another note, today I will be continuing my market survey for the new logos from where I left off on Tuesday. So far... a lot of people, girls in particular, like the color blue! I wonder why...

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