Monday, January 11, 2010

New Discoveries

So I joined several new social networking and social media sites today. First, I joined LinkedIn and I'm in the process of finalizing my profile information and other administrative details. Soon I'll start exploring this amazing social networking site. Hopefully I'll be able to find a lot of other entrepreneurs such as myself there.

Second, I joined SurveyMonkey, its a free online survey site. I plan to use this service for asking students their opinions and ideas related to books exchange, classes, courses, and other academic related topics. I will check it out again soon.

Third, I created an account at HootSuite and I must say it is such a convenient service that allows me to control all my social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn so far all in one website. It is neat and well organized too. So I'm really excited to play around with it some more.

Fourth, I found an excellent blog article by Louis Gray called 10 Pointers for Generating Traffic to Your Blog. Two of his points that stuck with me were: "Quality content is key" and "Be a two-way blogger". My ultimate goal for the Book Hook blog and even my own blog is to share informative, original and interesting topics that will attract people to come back for more. I also need to start commenting on other people's blogs and add valuable comments to the online communities and conversations on Twitter and other sites. What else can I do to become better?

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