Saturday, January 9, 2010

Clean up

I did a lot of cleaning today, both physically and digitally.

It's such a great feeling to clean my room. It's that same good feeling I get after clicking the Refresh button on my browser. I've had too much paper, books, and clutter that needed to either be thrown out or sorted properly. Now I finally have more visible space on my tables while everything is neatly arranged. I guess it's because of my OCD personality.

I made something cool as well. I had a problem... I really needed a container to store all the business cards I collected from people over time. So I thought to myself... "What can I use?". As I searched in and around my room, I found the Kodak box of my camcorder... Then the idea hit me! Aha!. The box was perfect in size, about 8 x 6 x 4 inch, and I was able to fit all my cards, my extra spare change of coins, and other little accessories and medications all together into one place. I feel really proud of myself because not only did I remove all the clutter from my side table, but everything is all organized now! Yey!

Now as for digital cleaning, I added a new app called Symplaris Blogcast that links this blog to my Facebook profile. I also found a great site called Listorious and there I was able to find a whole list of entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter! Yey! From there I was able to find and make an account at PartnerUp and Startup School. I think they're great sites for entrepreneurs. I will look into those sites later. Right now, I'm in the process of adding Google Analytics to this blog. Searching and reading online now...

I also added and edited information on Youtube, and then linked my account to Facebook and Twitter now. However, I can't seem to add Blogger to the My Blog section for some reason. I'll have to try it again later.

I wonder what other great websites I can find today? Also, should I make an account on LinkedIn? It's tempting...

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